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    1. Since my list idea seems to be well-accepted by people, I’m going to go ahead and doing it! I’m going to make a big ass list of all the psych-os on tumblr! What you need to do?



      You can either reblog or like this post so I can add your name to the list I’m going to make and then when we have over a hundred plus names, I’ll publish the list with the header! :D

      EDIT: I’d love it if you reblog it though, so it could spread the message and stuff, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to :D

      add your name to the list!

    2. Psych-o’s ! GO VOTE!



      James made it through the first round! Go vote again!!

      We’re losing D: VOTE VOTE VOTE!

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    3. iwould-rathernot said: Have you heard about Pluto?

      That’s messed up, right?

    4. psychusa:

Dude, Follow The Official Psych Tumblr
    5. Hello people. :) Thanks for all the follows, Psych fans are the GREAAAATEST!

      But hey, just saying, if you love Psych, you should check out Chuck. Wayy under-rated, like Psych.. It’s got action, crime, comedy, romance, bromance, buncha good stuff. Plus, Zachary Levi. 

      I just made a Chuck blog, you can check it out here: Operation Bartowski

      (Something to do while waiting for Psych to return)


    6. Psych 30 Day Challenge | #8 Favorite Juliet O’Hara Moment

      - You ma’am! Allow the great mesmerado to guess your age, guess your weight! ..One hundred forty five pounds!

      - One hundred four- what? Are you crazy?!

      - A-am I too high or too low? There should be a, uh, three pound margin of error.

      - I HAVE A GUN.

      S05E11 In Plain Fright

    7. princess-adams said: YEEP!! this is like the best psych blog ever!!! 8D your gifs are amazing & i adore everything you post!! stay awesome :3

      Thanks! :3

    8. thegingerreference said: This is one of the best psych blogs I have scene. Your graphics are perfect!

      Thank you! (:

    9. These two are too cute. :)

      S01E10 From Earth to Starbucks

      requested by: thatniftykid

    10. thatniftykid said: Hi! I have a request. Can you make a graphic of gifs from the episode "From the Earth to Starbucks" when Juliet is reprimanding Shawn about something while holding out her palm, and then Shawn gives her a high five? Ha, I find that part so funny/adorable.

      I love that part! Me and my sister were watching it and wondered if it was almost a blooper. :P Shawn’s improv is the best, haha. I’ll try to get it up today or tomorrow :)



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